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Top Industry Headlines 9/12-9/17

18 Sep 2023 5:06 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

9/11: New Lewiston Housing Development to provide ‘core’ to drive riverfront growth

The City of Lewiston’s ongoing plans to develop its riverfront area are about to get a boost from Auburn Mayor Jason Levesque in the form of two new housing and retail projects on Middle and Lowell streets.

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9/12: What impact do short-term rentals have on Maine's housing crisis?

There's no better way to experience a city than to live like a local. Short-term rentals, like Airbnb and VRBO, can offer that for visitors and provide income for owners. One of my good friends is a retired vet, and he is able to live in Portland because he lives in the apartment building and the other units are short-term rentals. That's how he can be here," Brit Vitalius told Maine's Total Coverage.

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9/13: 6 efforts that are tackling the shortage of affordable housing in Maine.

It’s a well-established fact that Maine is in need of affordable housing. It was a topic of discussion before the pandemic, and the issue was made worse by the pandemic itself, when Maine saw an influx of cash buyers coming into the market. 

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9/13: Inside Maine's Housing Crisis: An 8 Investigates special: Inside Maine's Housing Crisis

We talk with renters, landlords, new Mainers and those struggling to find housing. When defining the crisis, it depends on who you ask: Renters, who make up 25 percent of the state's market, say rapidly rising rent points to the housing crisis.

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9/13: Preble Street proposes plan to shelter people living on Portland streets before winter

The seven-pillar plan involves adding more caseworkers, finding more housing units, and creating more shelter.

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9/14: Auburn to take up final readings on slate of zoning changes to increase housing

The City Council will take up final readings Monday on potential rezoning of four areas of the city that have proven to be controversial. During a first reading this month on applying the T-4.2B zoning to four additional areas of the city, the council supported the change in all but one area.

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9/14: Bath celebrates redevelopment of historic downtown building.

The former W.T. Grant department store, built in 1936 on Centre Street, underwent a $3 million renovation and now includes apartments, coworking space, a theater and an art studio.

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9/15: Central Maine Community College contracts with local hotel to house students

Central Maine Community College is contracting with Center Street Value Inn at 170 Center St. to house students at the hotel, calling it Mustang Hall.

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9/15: Bangor toddler became sick after landlord failed to fix lead paint.

Lawsuit says-Lowry attempted to cover up the lead paint instead of remediating and removing it at standards required by the state of Maine.

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9/15: Maine Faces Setback in Affordable Housing Development

In Maine, the low-income housing tax credit has long been a crucial financial tool for subsidizing affordable housing projects. These tax credits are issued by the federal government to states, which then distribute them to private developers. 

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9/16: Protesters gather at City Hall to protest encampment sweeps.

Organizers say they want the City Council to pass an ordinance that will stop further encampment sweeps until longer-term solutions to the housing crisis are in place. About 100 people gathered on the steps of City Hall in Portland on Friday afternoon to protest the sweeps of homeless encampments executed by the city. The sweeps began in May with the Bayside encampment and continued last week when the Fore River encampment was dismantled.

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9/16: The Argument for Increasing Access to EV Charging for Residents of Multi-Unit Dwellings

Residents in multi-unit dwellings who wish to install an EV charger have to coordinate with a landlord, condo board, or fellow tenants. Currently, nine states have “right-to-charge laws which require property managers to allow charger installations by residents. Right-to-charge laws are not always necessary since some property managers choose to install chargers even without pressure from residents. 

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9/17: A drive around Lake Auburn reveals clear signs of the development.

They are literally signs. “Protect Lake Auburn” is the motto gracing the expansive and well-maintained lawns of dozens of homes not far from the water. They are often paired with support for Jeff Harmon, who is trying to knock off Mayor Jason Levesque in November.

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